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DEFIBMAP is a service from AEDMAP, a company specialized in mapping and monitoring Automated External Defibrillators (AED).


DEFIBMAP is specifically designed to list online public or private defibrillators. Thanks to the integrated mapping tool, users can easily share the interactive map of defibrillators that they have listed, through social media or by integrating it into a website.


By collecting the defibrillators’ technical data and their geolocation from DEFIBMAP users, AEDMAP feeds a global database, also made up of all the information collected via the mobile app Staying Alive and via AEDMAP customers who subscribed to an AED supervision offer.


By publishing a free map of all the defibrillators listed in its database, AEDMAP helps improving the survival chances of sudden cardiac arrest victims. Every year, about 359,000 Americans suffer sudden cardiac arrest outside of hospitals, according to the American Heart Association.